Old Brick - Powder Pink


£ 16.90  (incl. VAT) 

price per 1 box (0.44m2)

MILKE wall tiles are made of ultra-lightweight architectural concrete GRC. The mixture was developed by our laboratory according to the latest global technologies. They are extremely durable, resistant to moisture, any dirt and abrasion. Suitable for use inside and outside. Research in the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials showed that our product is characterised by the highest parameters of weather resistance and mechanical properties.

The imitating old brick wall pattern, has been recognised by architects and designers for the best in this category in Europe.

Brick in various forms has been known for centuries. Currently, it is a very desirable material for private investors. According to the architects this is the best imitation of the rustic brick in Europe! It is made of architectural concrete, designed by our laboratory. The production process is the fully manual. Through the work of your hands we get such incredible uniqueness and perfect imitation of an old brick wall. The base to our tiles came from more than a century old brickwork products from Mazovia and Kashubia. It is a rustic brick with the most classic face dimensions of about 27 × 6.5 cm. The basic available tile colours are 8, but keep in mind that each tile within a colour has brighter or darker discolouration necessary for a good imitation.

The Old Brick is recommended as a finishing element on the outside and inside of buildings. The product is CE marked and meets the highest standards for weather resistance and mechanical properties. It excels on facades on fences or on garden decorative and small architecture. The product due to its water-resistance can be used in wet rooms.

One square meter requires 50 tiles including 10mm joints. The product is packed in boxes containing each 0.46 m2 (~ 23 pieces) tiles.

We also offer matching corners and halves, adhesives, pointing mortar and sealant.

If you have questions about individual projects, please contact us.


Suitable for:

  • Interior and exterior use

  • Wet and dry environments

  • Frost proof

  • CE approved


  • Material: Architectural concrete

  • Dimensions: 265 x65 x15mm (L, H, T)     *average dimensions

  • Weight: 1m2 =19kg; 1 box = 9.5kg;

  • Packing: 1 box = 23 tiles = 0.46m2     *including 10mm grout

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