GRC Concrete Panel LF


350cm x120cm (3.60m2)


200cm x100cm (2.00m2)

MILKE GRC concrete panels are made according to the latest technologies. They are durable, resistant to moisture, and dirt. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Concrete is a hygroscopic material. In natural shades it is full of ever-changing, harmless efflorescence. It is a beautiful phenomenon. After all this is why we love concrete.

Our panels are manufactured from high strength glass-fibre reinforced concrete made to special recipes developed by our laboratory. Production is a combination of automation and manufactory, which is necessary to achieve unique structures, and precision.
Highest quality cement and additives allow to create products with the CE mark, meeting the stringent requirements of European standards. Our panels are highly resistant to weather conditions, fire and dirt. Concrete is also a materials resistant to time marks. Successfully it can be used on the facades of buildings with different mounting systems. Of course they will make a great finish in many interiors too.

The panels are only 12mm to 15mm. The thickness of the panels is individually selected to the project. Average weight is 25kg/m2.

They are produced is available in different colours and structures. Natural grey, natural white, steel grey and anthracite. The structures can be smooth, porous or shallow or deep sandblasted.

Each panel is sealed making it even more resistant to the elements.

For the comfort of the investor, designer and executive teams the panels can be cut to required format, using high-precision specialized machines. Our concrete panels can be also produced in other formats, colors and textures to meet customers requirements.

If you have questions about individual projects, please contact us.


Suitable for: ​

  • Interior and exterior use

  • Wet and dry environments

  • Frost proof


  • Material: Architectural Concrete GRC/GFRC 

  • Weight: ~25 kg/m2

  • Colour: Natural grey, natural white, steel grey, anthracite, (custom)

  • Structure: Smooth, Porous or Sandblasted

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