We specialize in the production and precast of architectural concrete with the use of GRC technology, as well as tiles imitating old brick.
The idea to establish a company has matured for several years, during which we underwent intensive training, development and improvement. We turned our idea into a powerful brand, which implements vision and expectations of many architects, investors and private persons.

We have our own research and development department, a modern laboratory and a team of technologists, allowing us to offer products of the highest quality. Every day perform tens of tests searching for the best solutions for our products.

We continually look for interesting visual effects, surface textures, which could be used by designers and architects enable investors to create a unique  and individual character of their investment projects.

Besides the technologists our team is also supported by constructors. Owing to this, we are able execute a very broad range of orders - from elements of the small architecture and street art, garden arrangement, floors up to advanced designs of cladding and facades.


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